ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup
25—27 September 2020, Szeged


We are living in extraordinary times, which I think we could not even imagine in the beginning of the year. Now, in the middle of July, everyone would be getting ready for their flights to Tokyo to take part in the world’s greatest sports event, the Olympic Games. However, we will have to wait another year for this. I believe that everyone dreams about competing with others, getting the results of the everyday work and being in the colourful, fun-filled environment, which represents the ICF events and the ever- growing canoe family each year.

We are truly pleased that the ICF Board has decided that despite the current situation, it is important for Canoe Sprint to have such an event, and it is a sincere honour for us to have this event in Szeged, on the Maty-ér Regatta Course.

The Hungarian Canoe Federation and the Organising Committee are ready to welcome everyone between 24-27 September with the appropriate safety measures, but the usual Hungarian hospitality and the excellent atmosphere of the regatta course.

Please read this document even more thoroughly this year, as we need to take special action on many things given the current situation.

Best regards,
Gábor Schmidt
Chairman of the OC

The Olympic Regatta Centre of Szeged is looking forward to welcoming the most prominent sprint canoeing athletes from all around the world, with renewed facilities and special purposed-built areas, offering a wide range of comfort and accessibility for the athletes, teams and spectators as well.

We do hope that you are all come prepared and looking forward to representing and bringing joy to your countries, national teams, families and friends on the world stage in Szeged, again.


On the following pages, we walk you through all the necessary information that may guide you and your team on the way to Szeged. Apart from the general introduction of the city and the regatta course, the most vital and useful bits of information on the competition, participation, boat rental, visa issuance, board, lodging and training camp opportunities can also be found here.

The Hungarian Canoe Federation is hoping to see you again at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup between 25th and 27th September 2020 in Szeged.