ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup
25—27 September 2020, Szeged

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Olympic Centre

H-6725 Szeged, Alsóvárosi feketeföldek 158.

Phone: +36 62 541028, +36 62 541029

How to get there

GPS: 46°13’27” N 20°04’15” E

Szeged is 167 kms away south of Hungary's capital city, Budapest. Szeged is best accessible on M5 highway. You can get to the race course on the road to Baja (main road No. 55) and from the road to Röszke/Serbia (E75). Szeged can also be reached by Intercity train service.

Hungarian Canoe Federation

H-1138 Budapest, Latorca u. 2.

Phone: +36 (1) 465 0091

General: info@mkksz.hu
Press: sajto@mkksz.hu