ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup
25—27 September 2020, Szeged

Covid-19 protocol manual

Version date: 9th September 2020

Download in PDF format Travel update on 9th September

As of 1 September 2020, the Government of Hungary has temporarily closed its borders and reintroduced border control for 30 days at the Slovenian, Austrian and Slovak border sections and at internal air border crossing points. Border crossing is only possible at designated border crossing points, which can be found on the website of the police (www.police.hu) under the border information menu item.

According to Government Decree 408/2020 Non-Hungarian citizens who

  1. are participants of an international sport event held in Hungary – not including spectators,
  2. hold a nominative invitation letter issued by the official organizer of the sport event to be held in Hungary,
  3. arrives upon the invitation of the Hungarian sports organization or national sports association
    1. a competitor
    2. experts in the field of sport, as well as,
    3. a person involved in the organization of a sport event

can enter Hungary, if the person proves with a medical certificate issued in English or Hungarian that (s)he has undergone one molecular biological test (SARS-CoV-2 PCR test).

This certificate should include the followings: personal details of the patient, name, email address and phone no. of the lab, date and time of the test, result of the test, ID number of the certificate.


The Hungarian Government has introduced easier entry rules for participants of international sport events.



An invitation letter issued by the Organising Committee should also be presented to the border authorities. Please, make sure that you've applied for this letter at accommodation@canoeszeged2020.com for the Olympic Hopes Regatta or at accommodation@szeged2020.com for the World Cup.

Cancellation and refund

Please, be aware that all deadlines published in the bulletin are still in effect. Please, also note that the Organising Committee does not take responsibility for a rejected border crossing. However, it will do its best to minimise the penalties related to cancellation due to the COVID-19. After discussing your occurrent situation with your assigned hotel, the charge will be exactly the same as the loss suffered by the Organising Committee.

Before travelling

Please, do not travel if you have a fever or feel sick, if you are experiencing a loss of taste or smell or if you have diarrhoea. Please, note that people with a fever will be stopped at the airport and their entry to Hungary will be refused.

Event site precautions and measures

Recommendation to the event participants (athletes, officials) during the event