ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup
25—27 September 2020, Szeged


Quarantine rules and pandemic precaution

You can find the effective entry/ quarantine rules in the appendix of this document. Also, the Organising Committee has developed an epidemiological protocol in accordance with the recommendations of the ICF and local authorities, which will be implemented during the competition. Please read the protocol carefully in the appendix and please note that every participant of the competition must keep to the rules of the protocol. In case there will be a change in the effective legislation, we will send out the updated COVID-19 protocol again.


The Organising Committee requires you to use the online entry system (SDP) of the ICF to submit nominal entries. It can be reached at: https://icf.msl.es/icf/main.jsp
(For help with SDP you can always contact the administrator directly at: sdp@canoeicf.com)

Preliminary entry, hotel reservation, boat rental, numerical entry, rooming list and final travel information have to be submitted via the AMS (Accreditation Management System). You are kindly requested to fill out the online forms by the deadlines indicated below. You can reach them on the AMS system. http://ams.digicorp.hu

Prior to logging in for the first time please send an email to accommodation@szeged2020.com. In the response you receive the relevant username and password, which is essential to obtain - even if you had earlier used our system for other races - as this will activate your access to this specific event.

Please note that the Organising Committee accepts hotel reservation, travel info and boat rental only via the AMS.

Please keep the following deadlines upon submitting forms and entries

Preliminary entry Until 25th July, 2020
Numerical entry Until 10th August, 2020
Boat rental Until 10th August, 2020
Hotel reservation Until 10th August, 2020
Final travel info Until 1st September, 2020
Sprint nominal entries Until 15th September, 2020
Paracanoe nominal entries Until 11th September, 2020