ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup
25—27 September 2020, Szeged



All participants are kindly requested to contact the Hungarian Embassy or consulate in their respective countries (or the closest to you) in time regarding visa requirements. The difficulty of obtaining visa to Hungary varies by regions but you should calculate with a 45-day long issuing period to ensure the safe attainment of the visa.

The typical steps of obtaining visa are as follows

  1. Booking accommodation (Please note, if accommodation booked independently – not via the Organising Committee – the Organising Committee cannot take any responsibility for rejection of visa issuance)
  2. Sending the filled-in visa application form (downloadable from here) to the Organising Committee, to accommodation@szeged2020.com)
  3. Contacting the Hungarian Embassy / Consulate serving in your country / territory and do the paperwork they request from you
  4. Organising Committee requests the booked hotel for verification of stay, if needed
  5. Organising Committee sends the letter of invitation along with the verification of stay to the
  6. Hungarian Embassy / Consulate and the National Federation
  7. Visa issuance

Download the Visa application form

Please note that the Organising Committee will not send you an invitation letter without knowing your teams’ arrival/departure dates, where you are staying, how many people there are in your team and who they are! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks the same information from us, so we cannot stand up for you without you standing up for yourself by providing this information.

Training camps in Hungary

With its nice calm waters and well-known heritage in the paddling sports, Hungary is a popular location for training camps again in 2020. Because of usual high demand, please plan your training camps and contact the Hungarian Canoe Federation (accommodation@szeged2020.com) well in advance, so we can prepare you a custom-tailored package completed with transportation and motorboat.

City of Szeged

Entitled as the capital of sprint canoeing, Szeged is the seat of Csongrád County and the fourth largest city in Hungary. It is situated near the south-eastern border of Hungary right by the Tisza River. A large part of the town lies on the right bank, while Újszeged (New Szeged), a suburban district of residential homes and parks is on the left bank of the Tisza. Szeged is the cultural and economic centre of South- Eastern Hungary and a thriving university town, which is also famous for its open-air theatre. The city centre is marked by the medieval Tower of St. Demetrius and the stately twin spires of the Votive Church. This cathedral was built in the first decades of the 20th century to commemorate the revival of the city after the devastating flood of the river in 1879. By Hungarian standards, Szeged is a large city, with a population of 177,000. The climate is very favourable of canoeing; the annual mean temperature being about 11 °C (52F), somewhat higher than in the rest of the country. Szeged is sometimes called the City of Sunshine as there is an average of 2,000 hours of sunshine annually.


From Budapest take the M5 highway and use exit #166 (Szeged nyugat, Baja). At the stop sign turn left towards Szeged. After 4km of going straight you'll reach the first roundabout. Take the first exit and follow the signs to your parking lot. The daily parking fee for spectators is 1000 HUF (about 3 Euros) and you can only pay cash.

General Information on Hungary

Population: 10.2 million
Area: 93.036 km2
Capital: Budapest (Territory: 525 km2)
Time zone: GMT +1 hour
Official language: Hungarian
State form: republic

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe surrounded by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The Danube River forms part of Hungary’s north-western border with Slovakia, and then flows south through Budapest, dividing Hungary into two general regions. A low, rolling plain known as the Great Hungarian Plain, covers most of the region east of the Danube extending east to Romania and south to Serbia. Hungary has a continental climate with cold, cloudy, humid winters and warm to hot summers. Average annual temperature is 9.7 °C (49.5F). Temperature extremes are about 38 °C (100F) in the summer and −29°C (−20F) in the winter. Average temperature in the summer is 27 to 32 °C (81 to 90F). The average yearly rainfall is approximately 600mm (24 in).